Hamilton Cannon
Life change recovery is a professional institution that helps people with recovery and shows them the right path to be productive adults. We pride our selves with excellent care and service, we also have clients that like to bash our cause and do not want to follow the programs set forth to better their lives. Our structure is simple and strait forward. The previous comments made are from clients that wanted to take advantage of our kindness and respect towards sobriety. When you give someone a finger they take a hand and we do not allow violence immoral behavior to our clients and staff. If you would like more information on our cause please contact us on our web site. We deeply apologize for the inappropriate slander and hated comments. If no one told you the love you today we will say it now. If you want what we have and want a better life and learn to move forward as a productive member of society and make a great life for yourselves we have the way. May god bless you and keep you safe. -Hamilton W Cannon. Life change recovery.
Janny Doe
I came to Life Change Recovery broken and lost. They helped me to get my life back on track with structure, guidelines, and guidance to a lifestyle of sober living. I stayed with them for 8 months before moving out to move into my own place. It feels good to say that I’m still working my program while also helping others to see their way to sobriety.
Lunine Mazard
I was able to come to LCR housing where I received the structure and guidance needed to move along in my recovery in the right direction. After living here for 7 months I'm now ready to move in my own apartment and continue my journey of sobriety.
Robert McKinney
This is a great halfway house in Delray Beach for people that need to get back on their feet. I've seen Betsy Dieujuste help a lot of people through Life Change Recovery. They kept my cousin sober when she was ready to change her life. I'll forever be grateful to the assistance received from this sober home.
Savannah Long
I celebrate 3 years clean & sober this Summer. I am finally starting a family and living a healthy life. It all started with the help of Life Change Recovery staff and support. I am so so grateful for the few places in South Florida like this one. Accountability and structure aren't easy...but they are necessary. THANK YOU for helping save my life.